View Full Version : Urgent advice regarding flat rental

24-04-2006, 09:36 AM
Late last night water began leaking from the kitchen and went through the floor into the shop.

My M8 phoned a plumber who claims the leak was due to the pipe the goes to the cold water tap bursting (in his opinion this was general waer and tear).

Up comes the landlord and he burst in (I was visiting the flat about another matter at the time so am i wittness to all this) and starts going mental, after about 10 mins he clams down but says its my M8's resposibilty to pay for the leak to be fixed.

After getting a price from the plumber he says he cannont afford the work until Friday, and the landlord just goes "fine I give you 24 hours notice to get out" also he says "You can not pay for the repair so you will leave your TV and PC here to cover the cost of the pipe".

After a bit I went down to try and talk to the landlord on my M8s behalf as he was to frightned to speak to him, landlord then claim's he rents the whole building and is not allowed to sublet the flat under his contract with his landlord.

So then i would like to know the following

If the landlord is not allowed to sublet then has he broken the law and his own contract with his own landlord by doing so ?

Therefore does this mean that this so called landlord canno't make my M8 go out within 24 hours.

Has he been obtaing money by decption he has been renting to my M8 for 5 months, and all of this time my M8 has been refused a contract for himself.

Finaly what happens in the longterm to my M8 if he contact's the person who owns the building what will happen, will he have to let my M8 stay there and pay rent to himself or can he chuck him out ?

24-04-2006, 20:54 PM
Sounds to me like you need to talk to the citizen's advice bureau or shelter for some legal advice. However, if the landlord has been accepting money from your mate in the form of rent, then said mate has an assured tenancy agreement even though it is not in writing which must last for six months and the landlord has to go to court to get the mate evicted.
Normally the sort of water leak you mention would not be due to wear and tear, but the landlord's responsibility to fix. You don't state why it is considered fair wear and tear. Should your landlord attempt an eviction without a court order and court bailiff, he is breaking the law and legally it should cost him a lot of money. A solicitor may well be able to help you under the legal aid scheme.