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queen mary grad
22-10-2009, 22:25 PM
hi there

quick question on tenancies in hostels/hotel accomodation

i'm staying in a hostel at the moment and i'd like to stay here on a long term basis

i have 2 questions
can i apply for the full housing benefit allowance given that i am on job seekers and that my room is fully self contained?
will the council charge me council tax? (the hostel pays business rates already, hence why i ask if council tax would be levied on me)

thanks for any info

23-10-2009, 12:41 PM
Contact your local authority and ask about housing benefits. They will probably send you an application form.

Ask the hostel manager. I think it depends on whether your accommodation is considered to be self-contained. Take a look at the Valuation Office Agency (http://www.voa.gov.uk/council_tax/multiple_property.htm) website.

queen mary grad
24-10-2009, 11:23 AM
hi there

i spoke to the landlord, he says he doesnt know, as he pays business rate

calle dhte council, the person i spoke to seemed confused, ill call again this week

yes it is self contained

any further opinions would be appreciated...