View Full Version : Insurer not interested in subsidence

06-04-2005, 19:52 PM
My house which I rent out is on a hill and one of a terrace of three which all back onto a path held up by a supporting wall that is coming away and is on the verge of falling down. If the path/wall falls down my house and the ones next to it could fall onto the houses below. There is no mention of who owns the path in my deeds, although they state that I have “permission to access” the path and my solicitor never brought up the fact that this could be a problem when I bought the house in 2000. Up until two years ago the local council had shored up the wall but has now refused to continue responsibility for it and taken away the shoring saying that this is now the responsibility of the house owners. My patio which backs onto my kitchen now has an enormous crack about an inch wide and four feet long and there are also some signs of cracking on the exterior and interior walls of my house. I am covered for subsidence but when I contacted my insurance company they told me that any claim to do with the path would not be accepted and that I should repair the path and its supporting wall (which is in the garden of the house below) myself. I would like to sell the house but realise it will be difficult to sell in its current state. What am I best to do?

24-11-2006, 18:24 PM
How did you get on with your problem?...It would be nice to know.