View Full Version : Two deposits

21-10-2009, 21:45 PM
A friends daughter rented a property and paid £300 deposit, plus an extra £200 because she was a dog owner.

If it turns out only the £300 was protected, can LL keep ANY of the deposit or is the £300 legit and only the £200 is not protected?

Thanks - Snorkerz

22-10-2009, 13:19 PM
If all £500 was a deposit, i.e. taken as security against the obligations/liabilities of the T in the TA (incl. damage caused by T's dog) then all £500 should have been protected.

If the £200 was not a security deposit but a one-off payment for being allowed to have a dog (though this seems a bit odd) then I suppose it wouldn't have to be protected and wouldn't be due back to the T.

Is there anything in writing regarding the £200?