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18-10-2009, 15:34 PM
Hi everyone

Looking for some advice please

We agreed a tenancy back in late Nov 2008 moved in Jan 2009
12 month AST due to end Jan 2010

The rent we feel if too high for the current situation
Are there statistics anywhere that we could use to support a request for a reduction in rent if we agree to stay here

We are seeing many other properties in our town of higher spec/more rooms for less now and I get the impression that rents have gone down through the last year due to the recession (only staying because we cannot afford to move):(
We would like to approach them with facts if possible
Any ideas on how to approach the LA or get this info please ?
Thank you

18-10-2009, 18:48 PM
Use comparisons with similar property then present it to the landlord or agent. You won't need to serve any Notice to end the fixed period (even if it states otherwise) so you can negotiate right until the last day of the tenancy and then just move out on that day. If this is impracticle then make sure you have alternative accommodation.

18-10-2009, 19:52 PM

We cant move we have no deposit and hubby was made redundant so cant find a LA that will touch us :(
It appears it cheapest for us to stay put at the moment
Will email them
The owner is out of the country so may not realise quite how things are here

19-10-2009, 05:28 AM
Not quite sure why I should be telling you how to go about negotiating a rent reduction however in my view

your best negotiating counters are that if the landlord gets possession

1 he might have a void for some time,
2 he would have outgoings on an empty dwelling,
3 fees on finding new tenants.

All of these can make a massive dent in annual rental income. If you really are significantly overlet at the current rent gather a few agents details for cheaper places and send them to the landlord with a suitably courteous letter.

Point out what good tenants you are, rents always paid promptly and that you maintain the garden so nicely &c; and that if minor repairs are needed you carry them out yourselves rather than bother the landlord. You never know!