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15-10-2009, 07:48 AM
Hi all,

A friend at work has recommended visiting this site and posting my issue on here for some advice!

I've recently moved out of my property, i say recently it was just under 3 weeks ago. Since then i waited paitently for a week to receive my reposit back. as it was all checked in and checked out by a inventory agency hired by the letting agency i would have expected this back by now. for the last 2 weeks i have been in constant contact trying to find out whats going on and there doesnt seem to be any progress as no one in the letting agency seems to have there head screwed on with the details of whats happening!

my question i was interested in, firstly is there any way i can get the interest incured on my account back as its now at £5.94 and rising. This is due to me having the make another deposit and first rental payment to the SAME letting agency for the new accomodation. secondly if there is any advice in getting the deposit back.

kind regards

15-10-2009, 08:03 AM
If you answer the following questions, we may be able to help:

Is tenancy an AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy)?
Was deposit taken after 6 April 2007?
Was rental property in England or Wales?
Was annual rent less than £25k?
Did letting agency given you deposit protection information (contact details of the tenancy deposit scheme), within 14 days of signing AST (if answer to Q.'s 1-4 is 'Yes')?

15-10-2009, 08:23 AM
Hi there,

thanks for the quick reply, in response to your response its yes to all questions!


15-10-2009, 09:11 AM
(1) Contact letting agency informing that you request deposit be returned within 7 days, and the reason for delay; address letter to the manager. Also contact landlord with same request.

(2) If no repsonse from 1, Contact the deposit protection scheme about a free service which they should provide to resolve deposit disputes, called Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). They will advise further.

15-10-2009, 20:08 PM
Ive been in contact with the letting agency and they have release all but £200 pounds of the deposit as the checkout flagged up some points that need to be resolved before the deposit is released.

with regards to the checkout i replied over a week ago with written documentation referring to the points raised, as all of which were pending issues on the original inventory upon check in.

as the letting agency had lost the inventory (from check in) and apparently the landlord had also lost her copy (which if i lost would cost me £50 to replace) the LA said could i bring a photocopy into them so they could send it out to the LL. As this was thursday evening this ment the document wouldnt be there till monday at best. so i dropped a photo copy of the inventory, check-in document, check-out document, and documents i wrote against the checkout points to the LL that evening. She said she was angry with the LL as they hadn't been very good and couldnt find the garage keys, (which were given to the checkout clerk, after inspection and also stated on the check out documentation having been recieved) and that she was busy for the rest of this week but would resolve it next week. at this point i thought i was finally going to get somewhere and out of good will thanked her and went on my way.

now it has been a week since then and i contacted the LA to find out the progress (i felt a week was more then enough time), the letting agency has been in contact with the landlord and the landlords husband has said that she is not going to be around this week (dispite her saying last week she would resolve it this week!) and as far as he knew we had been in conversation thats it. I asked on the phone to the LA if they would therefore pay for the interest incured on my account from being over drawn from not recieveing the deposit back as its been three weeks, had i recieved it i could have paid off the overdrawn sum on the first week and not recieved any interest and they have advised its not there postition to deal with that as they only hold the deposit, i would have to get in contact with the LL (which seems fair enough i guess). They also mentioned that the LL's daughter has picked up the keys for the LL for the garage to the property.

I have this evening been around to the landlord to ask if if the issue would be resolved this week. She has said as she has just got in from work and was about to have supper she was wasnt going to talk about the subject?! I politely said Im sorry for that and i didnt want to be long it was just a quick question to see what the progress was as the LA said they couldnt get hold of you. She replied she was busy and has no time to resolve the matter. I said I can understand that but its been three weeks since i moved out and the deposit is around £900 of my money which i desperatly need as im incuring interest from my account being overdrawn, and i couldnt understand where the current progress was, as the documents are all in your hands, and the LA are awaiting your remarks on how the points raised lie. She very angrilly said what? and that its not something she can deal with right now!
She then said that she hasnt received the keys for the garage!? she said she has 6 keys from the LL. I said that they are the 2 smaller silver keys of the 6 keys which she has. she then said oh well ok then and said well i have someone going in on monday to clean the property. at which point i said sorry why is that? i was under the impression that the LL were waiting you to get in contact to state the the next move (as i thought it is the letting agency who would instruct the cleaning to take place as the middle man, but now i fear she is going to get her daughter to clean it and charge me for the bill as she see's fit). after this she said i cant stay im going to have my supper?! saying I was shocked is a understatement!?! i just shook of my gobsmacked look and said sure thank you for your time and i'll pop into the agency tomorrow to speak to them.

Now im at complete loss as what to do, the letting agency have release a sum of the deposit but clearly dont know whats happening with the check out points it seems the landlord is refusing to get in contact during the day, which i can understand a bit as she is a teacher it seems, but her husband is a solicitor so surely would have some idea of the process???

if the LL cleans the property and returns a bill should i have to pay any of it as shes done this behind the LAs back? in my originial reply (which i can post on here) to the LA about the checkout points i have clearly stated i am not willing to pay for any part of a professional clean as the property wasnt when i checked in, also i would only contribute to cost of the points raised if they were deemed valid after i pointed them out from the inventory.

Someone please advice me.... im in a really mixed emotion state now from the shock of her approach just now?!

thanks to all who have any advice.

im currently looking at getting the county council involved as the local county council site recommends it, only problem is i cant find a contact number for windsor and maidenhead...

15-10-2009, 23:03 PM
im currently looking at getting the county council involved as the local county council site recommends it, only problem is i cant find a contact number for windsor and maidenhead...

Councils do not help with deposit disputes.

As tom999 has already advised you, contact the scheme which protects the deposit; the schemes have a service to resolve disputes.

Mrs Jones
16-10-2009, 07:44 AM
She's trying to keep the money. As advised, register a dispute with the scheme in which your deposit has been protected.