View Full Version : Rent arrears and lds

15-09-2009, 21:25 PM
My tenant has been telling me she's leaving at the end of August which came and went and she is still there. However, today she has given me a month's written notice to leave 15 October. Her rent was due on 9th September and she hasnt' paid. She said she would pay by Friday but nothing. She has been a good tenant for almost 2 years and this is the first problem. Could I take her rent out of the deposit and how would I do that, if she hasn't paid by end of her notice?

15-09-2009, 21:53 PM
'LDS'? What's that?

Please tell us:
a. on what date the fixed term began;
b. the fixed term's length; and
c. the rent frequency/arrangements during it (e.g. monthly in advance).