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01-04-2006, 11:08 AM
The first landlord ever issued with an anti-social behavour order has been jailed for eight weeks after he locked a young mother out of her flat in north Wales.

Steve Dickens admitted breaching a condition of the order which barred him from unlawfully depriving any of his tenants of their accommodation.

Mr Dickens told mum Alison Hedges she was too young to rent one of his properties even though she had earlier given her date of brith to his firm. District Judge Andrew Shaw told Mr Dickens that it was a 'fundamental and serious' breach of the order.

Housing charity Shelter Cymru welcomed the jail sentence and said it had seen the first-hand misery caused to tenants by Mr Dickens.

'We are pleased the courts have taken this matter seriously. Mr Dickens deserves jail. His tenants had to put with harassment, intimidation and unlawful eviction,' said area manager Dee Hathway.

Mr Dickens was given the ASBO after a string of complaints from tenants and housing officers in October 2005. The court was told that on one occasion he boasted he had been in prison for knee-capping someone with an iron bar.

On another he threated to shoot a housing officer saying 'I will shoot you first before I supply those tenants with a new electricity supply. I'm not going to be told by f*****g bureaucrats what to do with my f*****g property'

Leaflets identifying Mr Dickens and listing the conditions of his ASBO were circulated to his tenants. The leaflets stated he was banned from attending the headquarters of the housing department and approaching any council officers from the department.

Mr Andrew Bowden, head of housing at Conwy County BC, said. 'The main purpose of the ASBO was to remove stress and anxiety suffered by staff and tenants and to ensure they felt adequately protected. This I believe has been suitably achieved.

Mr Dickens has now put up for sale in 27 properties in Conwy. He faces 11 charges of obtaining services by deception linked to property purchases dating back to 1991.

Article from 'Environmental Health News' 31st March 2006

01-04-2006, 14:20 PM
Such behaviour cannot be condoned IMHO - he needed to have read and taken heed of the advice published on this board!


01-04-2006, 17:25 PM
Good interesting post thanks Vic.

01-04-2006, 19:24 PM
But you never see a tenant being imprisoned for wrecking a property, harassing/threatening the landlord etc. do you?????

01-04-2006, 23:42 PM
Of course not, DJB, I can see the ghost of Mr. Harold Wilson, puffing his pipe benignly looking down on me as I type this!


02-04-2006, 04:01 AM
Such behaviour cannot be condoned IMHO - he needed to have read and taken heed of the advice published on this board!


If part of the punishment that could be regarded as inhumane treatment and abuse of the human rights of a prisoner. Worse than bread and water and solitary confinement :)

Seriously ... thanks for the interest.

02-04-2006, 09:27 AM
Again I say - there are bad tenants just as bad landlords

In the Red Corner - appearing for the landlords - our long time contender Peter Rachman http://www.portowebbo.co.uk/nottinghilltv/revealed7rachman.htm

In the blue corner - appearing for the tenants - oh - there are so many bad ones to choose from that they are still fighting for a representative. Oh come on - go see the producers of "Tenants from Hell" and get one off there!

You try naming and shaming a bad tenant - they run immediately for their free legal aid solicitor - so most landlords do not bother even sueing them once they have possession back.

03-04-2006, 08:49 AM
DJB, indeed there are as many bad landlords as bad tenants but as I've said before the consequences of each are a bit different:
- a bad landlord will make a tenant's life hell, sometimes even put the tenant's life at risk with disrepair or lack of safety checks, and take the roof over their head away illegally. If you have children you can imagine how that feels.
- a bad tenant will without a doubt cost you stress and probably a lot of money but that's as bad is it gets.

I'm not trying to minimise the effect of bad tenants on landlords but I can see how locking a woman and her kids out of their own home is considered worse than giving a big bill to a landlord.