View Full Version : Parent and child tenants

29-03-2006, 15:51 PM
Are they to be avoided? I'm told that when a parent rents a property with a child that it can be very difficult to serve notice on them to vacate. Has anyone experienced this? Does having a child live in your property change any of the repossession proceedure?

29-03-2006, 18:24 PM
a judge has just granted me possession of my flat after serving a section21 on a mother with 2 young daughters. it all went through quickly and the children were not even brought into the equation. they are still in the flat as they are awaiting bailiffs notice before they get a council house.

i was told that as far as evictions go, the local authority's priority is the children and if they didnt want to give a house to the parents then they 'could' put the children into a foster home.

30-03-2006, 14:18 PM
On a section 21 basis it will make no difference at all.

Under the mandatory grounds the section 8 route should also be fine. However, judges can surprise you in a hearing and may accept hardship despite the legal requirement to give possession to you. I would also suggest that taking action on discretionary grounds could prove difficult.