View Full Version : Standard Assured Tenancy (periodic)

27-03-2006, 21:34 PM
Can anyone help regarding tennancy agreements? Am a little confused and so it seems is everyone else i ask.
Assured Shorthold Tennancy is the standard.
Regulated for obvious reasons allways causes concern especially when purchasing a property due to the protection of the tennant.
I am looking at purchasing a property with a sitting tennant with an assured periodic tennancy.He has been in the property for 13yrs but states he has never signed an agreement.The property has changed hands 3 times over that period.
Anyone know what his rights are re this type of agreement?

28-03-2006, 10:32 AM
He took up his tenancy after the 1988 act but before the revision came in which automatically made any tenancy entered into in this way an assured shorthold one. He is thus an assured tenant IMHO.

Unless he fails to pay his rent, which can be a market one I believe, he has security of tenure.


28-03-2006, 21:09 PM
Thanks for the reply but what is assured tennant IMHO and what is security of tenure please?

28-03-2006, 21:30 PM
It means that you can't evict him unless suitable alternative accommodation is provided. Of course he must also pay his rent and comply with any other conditions in his tenancy agreement. You are able however to charge him a market rent.