View Full Version : Tenant in arrears trashed property

tall paul
24-03-2006, 12:22 PM
renting a property out it is in the second month of the second 6 month AST the tennant has ripped carpets up,painted numorous rooms badly,broken kitchen worktops,doors off hinges,cheque made out to me dissapearsd and cashed,back garden a dumping ground t.v,s,matresses,bags of rubbish.envirimental health been rung by neighbour,boyfriend lives there hes into heroin.is 4 weeks notice o.k to quit.if they do not budge how do i get them outpolice involved about cashed cheque still waiting for proof its them

24-03-2006, 12:49 PM
Please try to make proper sentences when you post to make it easier for people to understand your question.

First of all when you say second 6 months AST, has a new contract been signed 2 months ago for a 6 months term?
If this is the case you can't evict the tenant for another 4 months as you are bound by a contract.

Is the tenant 2 or more months in arrears?
If so you could serve him with a s.8 notice (search this website for more information on this).

27-03-2006, 08:44 AM
Actually you shouldn't have started on a new line after "6 months term" ;)