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22-03-2006, 12:59 PM
Hoping someone can help out here.

We signed an AST for 6 months in December and were told it had a "break clause" at 4 months. In the agreement under the clause "Notice" it says we must give 2 months notice, subject to a minimum term of six months and if no notice is given/received it will become a Statutory Periodic Tenancy to continue on a monthly basis.
Does this mean that notice (2 months) can only be given in April? Or can we give one month's notice in May?
I understand that from June (the end of the six months), only 1 month's notice need be given, but when notice is given - either at 4 months, 5 months or after, does it need to be given on the exact date of the AST?

22-03-2006, 13:35 PM
You don't need to give any notice to leave at the end of the fixed term.