View Full Version : Break clause- what does tenant need to do?

jenn jenn
18-03-2006, 18:28 PM
Hi, I'm quite new to all this. Im at uni now, and my housemate and I are moving to London. We're going to sign a contract on a flat which has a 6 month break clause. We were hoping for a 6 month contract and not a 12 month one. Anyway, Im not sure what this means. After 5 months we give notice that we want to leave, but then what? Do we have to find other people to take on the flat or does the agency do that? We still don't have to pay rent for the last 6 months do we?!! I know this may sound like stupid questions but with things like these you're mind begins to wander and I've lost all common sense with worry! If someone could explain this jargon to me I'd much appreciated.



18-03-2006, 18:38 PM
What is the wording of your break clause?

jenn jenn
18-03-2006, 18:54 PM
I don't know yet, I'm looking at the contract next week.

18-03-2006, 22:50 PM
Impossible to give a definitive answer without reading the wording, so post that when you can. Generally, you would not have to find other tenants or be liable for the rent. But it totally depends upon the wording.