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17-03-2006, 10:30 AM
Hi all,
I am in the process of buying a property for rental.This property comes with 2 garages which are not directly next to the property.My intention is to rent the garages seperately from the house,I am just wondering if there is any correct way to do this,for example with tenancy agreements and if tenants of a garage have the same rights as of a dwelling.
Many thanks in advance.

17-03-2006, 10:37 AM
You can rent the garages separately under common law tenancies and will reflect the wording you put in them. It can be a fairly simple document with core terms, but make sure you indicate a fixed term, and how you will end any agreement with the tenant. You should include the rent, how often it needs to be paid, and possibly the timing of any rent increases - the usual stuff. You might want to include an O/S map with the garage indicated on it for the sake of identification.

As a garage is not a "dwelling" and incapable of supporting accommodation it is not subject to the usual rules.

17-03-2006, 14:05 PM
Thanks paul for the reply.
Is it quite easy to remove a tenant from a garage once they take possesion,is there any set rules on this?

18-03-2006, 14:14 PM
When the tenancy ends, it ends, no need to serve any notice. If the tenant then fails to move out you issue a Notice to Quit and the tenant then must move within 28 days otherwise you have to go to court. He still has to pay "mesne profits" - the equivalent of rent - if he should overstay his welcome.