View Full Version : Part of bond not returned

15-03-2006, 01:37 AM
Hello everyone. Here is my story. When I moved out of the flat I rented (3d Nov) the manager of the property paid me a visit and said that the flat was ok in condition. He said he would post a cheque to my new address.I stayed at some friends until the 25th of Nov and then I left the Uk. Before that I called him twice and asked him about the bond and he told me not to worry. Just before I left I called him and gave him my bank account so he could deposit the money. Being outside of the uk i couldnt check the balance of my account until recently when i started web banking and then I realised he had deposited only 365 out of 500 pounds. I called him and he said "it looks like the room wasn't found in the best condition." I know some devices didn't work (like a heating unit) but that's the way I found it when I came. Otherwise the flat was in good condition. Anyway I asked for a detailed file of the damages sent to me, but he doesn't seem trustworthy."
What do you think I should do in case I don't hear from him?

15-03-2006, 07:49 AM
Do you have his address? Sounds to me as if he is taking advantage because you left the country. Did you sign a fully detailed inventory at the commencement of the tenancy? And he legally must supply you with all receipts for any work/items charged for.