View Full Version : 4 weeks to give deposit back

10-03-2006, 18:18 PM
I just gave a tennat his deposit back, 5 weeks after he moved out as I wanted all the bills paid etc. He is now really moaning that 'it took so long' and leaving long agressive messages on my ansaphone about it. I do not think this was an unreasonable amount of time, do you?

susan 2
10-03-2006, 20:20 PM
Short answer as a landlord - yes 5 weeks is much to long. If the bills you refer to are utility bills, if they are not paid, it is up to the company to chase him.(Or did you not have them put in his name?) Not for you to withhold his deposit. We pay our tenants their deposits back on the day they leave. Unless we are waiting for carpet cleaning bills. But even then the most they would wait would be about 10 days. Many tenants need the money for the next property. What exactly were the bills you mention?

10-03-2006, 21:51 PM
OK, one of the bills was still in the old tennants name, as he has not got it changed, plus the fact he had moved overseas and I had not been given any details of where to send the £, until 2 weeks had passed. I was also unable to inspect the property until 2 weeks after he had moved out as I was on holiday. So I was not purposly withholding the money, just making sure everything was as it should be before I returned the deposit money.

11-03-2006, 20:14 PM
I'd agree with him. And if you can't check the property yourself you need to get someone else to do it for you.

This will also be in your interests, as saying you found a problem with the property two or four weeks after the tenant moved out doesn't really count for much.