View Full Version : Paperwork For Periodic Tenancy

24-02-2006, 22:19 PM
Hi Everyone,
My tenants and I have decided to allow the AST continue as a Periodic Tenancy by doing nothing. However my tenants have said that there have been occasions when they've been asked to produce their tenancy agreement for credit, parking permits etc. Is there a similar document available for a Periodic Tenancy or should I simply write a "To whome it may concern" letter stating that they have a periodic tenancy?

24-02-2006, 23:46 PM
I would have thought that the original AST should be sufficient. It certainly has been for tenants of mine in similar circumstances when they have been obliged to apply for housing benefit. If this is not enough then a letter from you indicating that they are still tenants in good standing on a statutory periodic tenancy should do. Er.... what else can you possibly do?