View Full Version : Weekly rent: what details for insertion in s.21 Notice?

02-04-2009, 12:21 PM
Hi, my current tenant has a contract which states that the rent is payable weekly, however due to her being on benefits the rent book shows that for the first few months she was making payments every 4 weekly.

When filling in a S21 what date would be the last day of the period, she commenced the tenancy on a Monday so does that mean that as the contract states weekly that the S21 must end on a Monday? Or does the fact that she was paying 4 weekly - the last payment being 17th Jan (there were no payments made the 4 weeks to 14th Feb or 14th March and nothing paid since) mean that I would have to end the tenancy on the last day of them 4 weeks?

Also for an accelerated possession order do I have to wait until the S21 notice has run out or can I do it when the S8 has run out?

Please help!!

03-04-2009, 18:22 PM
Try telling us When the tenancy started When the fixed term ends (Rent is reserved weekly so you still need to serve a minimum of 2 months Notice on your tenants, to end at the end of a rental period, which appears to be on a Sunday).