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Attention to detal
01-04-2009, 21:02 PM
Hi all

I've served a S.21 on 8th Feb that expires 10th April but tenant has since refused rent on the grounds that I should use up deposit as he originally gave 2 months. On 11th April he will be 2 months in arrears so I will issue section 8 also.

If he does indeed move out on 10th May as he says he will then I will not be owed any money and so all I want to do is instigate court proceedings to ensure that things are well under way for eviction should he decide to remain after this date.

I think my best options are to lodge N5B accelerated possession 2 weeks after serving S.8. However I wish to apply for eviction on the S.21 also which gives mandatory possession. Can I do this by lodging a N5B with a N119 stating notices served, or is there a better way of doing this?

Any advice appreciated,
Many thanks