View Full Version : tenant has left property how do I stand

01-04-2009, 18:52 PM
I have a tenant on a 12 month tenancy agreement with 8 months left to run.
he has not paid any rent to me for 10 weeks but has claimed the payments from H Ben. ( I have informed the council about this)
I have left various letters and have tried to contact by telephone.
I went to the property yesterday and it is empty. I spoke to neighbours and noone has seen anyone at the house for more than 6 weeks.
It is obvious that the tenant has done a runner.
I have tried in vain to track him down.
Can I just reclaim the property and change the locks? I really don't see the point of going through all the court procedures and costs when the tenant has cleared off away from the area.
Any advice appreciated.

01-04-2009, 19:00 PM
I suggest you search the forum for abandonment threads. Be careful because this is the sort of situation that could lead to problems.