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01-04-2009, 12:19 PM
Hi there new to the site and looks very helpful

Ive just bought a reposession with a view to letting out and problems have started already
Its a newbuild flat in a block of many, managed by trinity estates.
Everything was taken out, cooker, radiators fridge etc. and water and electricity turned off

Im in the process of trying to get the electricity back on but having problems.
the distribution board and trip switches are in the flat but they do nothing to get the power on. So it has something to do at the meter end.

the meter cupboard is in a communal hallway locked and i have no access

calls to the management company state they wont come and open it for me but will provide a key and will charge me over £20 for the priveledge plus it will take prob 10 days for payment to clear and the key sent out.

the electric company state they have not cut off the elec. but believe someone has removed a fuse or switched of an isolation switch so i need to get into this cupboard

if i refuse to pay can they legally withhold access?

i know £20+ isnt vast amounts but feel cheated by them especially when theyre estimating a £2000 service charge.
If i have to humbly go back to them with tail between my legs i will. but i know it doesnt cost that much to cut a deadlock key

01-04-2009, 12:24 PM
Does your lease not create easements for your flat re:
a. electricity supply cables and fittings (as well as other mains services' cables/wires/pipes); and
b. access to the cupbard and other common parts?

Mars Mug
01-04-2009, 12:26 PM
Do other flats share the same cupboard? Perhaps a neighbour could open it for you?

01-04-2009, 12:35 PM
Meter cupboards should be locked to stop vandalism. On the otherhand, they should be accessable so that the meters can be read and for safety.

They are not witholding access; you just need to pay for a key.

How does the meter reader get access to the cupboard? You could ask the electric company to read your meter and ask them to meet you there.

Suggest you do a lot of research regarding how management companies work and how service charges work, and make sure you read all the relevant leasehold documents or whatever there is, so they cannot take advantage of you.

Jeffrey is rather good on leaseholds, so pay attention to his advice

01-04-2009, 13:23 PM
wow thanks for the quick response guys

i have been on the look out for other neighbours to borrow and cut their key, no one seems to be in and the only guy ive met has never had a key only checking his meter when its open by chance.

and yes i appreciate it should be locked for the reasons mentioned
but am just feeling a bit held to ransom

was going to ask the electric company to "check out my meter" and let them contact the managing agents for access, as they seem to be on my side claiming that i should have full unrestricted access as a matter of health and safety and not dependant if and when i pay a fee

but can see problems as trinity dont seem too forthcoming

its looking like im going to have to grin and bear it

i will check out my lease and see if theres anything in there
but have a feeling im not going to get along with this company