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30-03-2009, 15:02 PM
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This Month’s Topic: Selecting Tenants

The law gives a considerable amount of protection to residential tenants, otherwise a minority of landlords would be unable to resist the temptation to take advantage.

However, the same goes for tenants: a small minority of tenants will abuse their landlords’ position, causing damage, behaving badly or using their knowledge of the laws to their advantage and getting away with “murder” or certainly living rent free for long periods.

Despite varying opinions to the contrary, the rental laws are pretty evenly balance in the UK and they have stood the test of time since the last major changes around 1979.

The tenancy laws are certainly a vast improvement on what went before that.

A bad tenant, one unable or unwilling to pay rent, one which trashes the accommodation (often the two go together) or one intent on using the law to their advantage, can seriously damage a landlord’s wealth, and perhaps health as well for that matter, given the amount of stress involved.

The secret of landlording success therefore is to avoid these bad tenants in the first place, if at all possible.

Of course it’s not possible to have a 100% guarantee whatever you do, as some problems arise even though your tenants have the best intentions—no one can plan for redundancy.

However, as a landlord or letting agent, you can considerably reduce the chances of these problems by being very selective when choosing tenants—avoiding the problems in the first place is by far preferable to dealing with them later, when often they become intractable.

In this issue of the LandlordZONE Newsletter we will be discussing how best to select your tenants based on the experience of one of the longest established on-line tenant vetting services: www.TenantVERIFY.co.uk (http://www.tenantverify.co.uk/)

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