View Full Version : Renewal of Tenancy Agreement

30-03-2009, 13:09 PM
I have tenants that want to renew their AST for another 12months. We are both happy to sign a new AST on the same terms as last year.

The deposit is under a government scheme. Is a new deposit and inventory required under this new agreement or can they be carried over from the last AST?.

I noticed on the forum a suggestion that a new AST may not be required and that a simple renewal notice would be sufficient - this would be simpler but is it legally as strong.?

30-03-2009, 13:55 PM
1. If the old AST continues (statutory periodic tenancy), there's no new letting; no new fixed term; and no new deposit protection requirement.
2. If a new AST is granted, however, the deposit needs protecting anew.

30-03-2009, 20:33 PM
A new AST will be signed for a further fixed term 12months not periodic.

Sorry but I'm still a bit unclear on this - current contract runs out 1st July - if a new AST is signed say next week does the new AST needs its own immediate/separate deposit or is it the case that the deposit from the current agreement can be transferred over to the new AST on the 1st July.

So if the deposit is protected again for a further 12 months then the old inventory is still adequate?.