View Full Version : Can Tenant recover partial rent rebate- premises unfit?

25-03-2009, 12:20 PM

First poster here! :)

How do I rightfully do it? An ex-letting agent has mentioned a basis of RENT / ROOMS * ROOMS IN UNRENTABLE CONDITION * MONTHS UNRENTABLE.

I am a tenant who has been in a property with rising damp in 3 rooms for 4/5 months. The problem is now being dealt with and I have been given a rent-holiday since mid Feb when the builder started and ripped out my bathroom (Still habitable as I have an en-suite). Until mid-Feb I paid full rent, but for the fact the property was in a very poor, unrentable condition I would like (entitled?) to claim some money back.

Can I do this?

Is the above the correct way to do it?

Just to make clear, I am not into the whole "compo" culture. I have however been paying 100% rent for a property in 50-60% condition and feel that that is wrong.

All help gratefully received and appreciated!

25-03-2009, 12:36 PM
If you were 'given a rent-holiday', as you state, you have not been paying during it- so what else are you seeking?

25-03-2009, 13:04 PM
Thank you to whoever changed the title!

Jeffrey - I should have been clearer.

I moved in 30th August, damp there but v.minor.
By November the walls of 3 seperate rooms had damp between 1' and 5' high.
Works (and rent holiday) started 18th February.
Up until 18th Feb I had paid full rent.

I am seeking a claim for partial rent rebate for the time that the property was in an unrentable state, i.e. November until 18th Feb.

Had I not have been there then the landlords would not have been able to let the property until the damage had been repaired. I feel aggreived to have paid full rent for this period.

I completely agree that I should pay rent, just not all of it?