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Maria B
24-03-2009, 01:15 AM
Dear forum users,

I am renting a small flat from a private landlord through a letting agency.

Three weeks ago, my wet room was destroyed for "repair works" which have not been carried out since. There was no notice from the agency and no offer of compensation. I could not inhabit my flat at all for 14 days, then the plumbers did at least put the toilet back in and I now live in the flat without a shower, hearing a new excuse from the agency for not fixing the wet room on a weekly basis.

Two weeks into the incident, there has been an offer of alternative accommodation from the agency, but it turned out to be a flat with faulty electricity and no hot water, so I did not accept it. After further lengthy negotiation, my agency has now offered to reduce my rent, but only if I sign a document that will take away all my rights to claim that the wet room needs to be fixed until the end of my contract which runs out in June (see below).

I am obviously not willing to sign the document in its current form and discussions with the agency have been unsuccessful. They are now even threatening me to move me into a different flat by force (Can they even do that???) which I understand counts as harrassment and is a criminal offence.

What shall I do? How can I protect myself against the agency and ensure that I get a fair compensation? How can I force them to fix the wet room? Is it advisable to withhold the rent or parts of it?

I am really lost here and would appreciate any advice immensly.

Thank you very much,



Tenancy: Fixed Term Assured Shorthold Tenancy from 22 June 2008 to 21 June 2009 made between Click Property and Ms B

Property Address: Flat 2, XXXXX

I Bianca Buhl, tenant of Flat 2, XXXXX state as follows:

1. That the shower at Flat 2, XXXXX is presently out of use.

2. That I have been offered alternative accommodation in the interim, by my Landlords, Click Property, whilst the shower is being repaired.

3. That I have turned down this offer (in paragraph 2 above) as I prefer to live at Flat 2, XXXXX despite the fact that the shower is out of use

4. That I will use other sources of obtaining shower facilities for the duration of the repair works to the shower.

5. That Click Property have agreed that I will not pay rent for the period 4th March 2009 to 17th March 2009 (to the value of £283.06), as a good will payment for the toilet not being in use, and a reduced rent of £549.00 from 18th March 2009 up to and including the date that the shower is back in use; and only during the existence of the current tenancy agreement which ends on 21 June 2009.

6. That the rent payable prior to the 4th of March and after the shower is fixed will be the usual contractual amount.

7. That this March variation in rent will actually be applied to the next rent payment date for April.

8. That in view of the offer made by Click property (in paragraph 4 above) I waive all and any rights I have or may have under my Tenancy Agreement or any statute of law, to sue, withhold rent, make any claim or to be indemnified by Click Property because of the absence of a shower and any rights I have to make any claim that the property is uninhabitable because of the absence of a shower at Flat XXXXX.

24-03-2009, 07:59 AM
What was the reason for the wetroom having been demolished in the first place? Why is it apparently not possible to reinstate it promptly?

Why could you not move to the alternative accomodation which was offered while the work is being carried out?

24-03-2009, 10:25 AM
The OP stated that the other property was also defective.

Get three quotes to fix the wet room. send all three to LL. Give them 7 days to comply. If they do not get the lowest quote done and deduct it from the rent due.

Also start looking for a new home at the end of the tenancy.