View Full Version : Unlawful subletting of Social Housing

22-03-2009, 18:29 PM
Here's a link to an article on the BBC website about the practice of social housing tenants subletting their properties and the local council's attempts to recover them.


I found a report on the internet that indicates nearly 400 properties in London were recovered in for non-authorised occupancy in a 2 year period, with the majority in Southwark.

The audit commissions website gives some case studies of the type of activity they are uncovering.

- a tenant who was matched to an address within the Croydon area. The documentation provided confirmed that the tenant was the owner/occupier of the Croydon property. After further investigations the individual relinquished the tenancy and Southwark gained vacant possession of the property; and
- a tenant who had made a homeless application and was given a tenancy had bought a property in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. Further investigations revealed that the person had also obtained another property from Southwark, using a different name, and was actually subletting both the Southwark properties. Both tenancies were terminated.