View Full Version : max liability for alterntive accommodation

17-03-2009, 12:42 PM
What is my maximum liability for providing alternative accommodation to tenants?

Situation - I part own a house converted into 4 self contained flats.
All flats are let on ASTs - none are longer than 6 months.

I am just reviewing the insurance and need to understand what my maximum liability is for providing tenants with alternative accommodation.

Say, for example, there was a fire that rendered all flats uninhabitable- and further say it was going to take a year to get the place repaired. I accept that I would have to provide similar accomodation but for how long? Is it just for a few weeks to allow tenants to sort out an alternative or am I liable up to the end of current contract or some other period?

I am of course insuring for all the other stuff, builidings, loss of rent etc. but am unsure on this point.