View Full Version : outstanding bills too!!!

31-01-2009, 13:57 PM
I forgot to add the tenants also left with owing utility bills. I dont believe there is a reputable letting agency out there!! they are only interested in their comission each month, I would never use one again!!

01-02-2009, 11:13 AM
Example of a good agent: Just under four months ago, one of my agents found me new tenants on a find a tenant only basis. They didn't ask me to sign an agreement so I assumed that the one I had signed previously in which the tenancy renewal clause had been deleted would apply. Last week I received a letter from them asking whether I would like to renew the tenancy and the charge for doing so. "Oh dear, here we go" I thought. I replied appropriately, thanking them for also reminding me that my Corgi Certificate was about to expire (Corgi man already alerted). They reacted to this immediately by sending me another letter. "Oh dear, here we really do go." I thought. I opened the letter which in fact I found to be a polite acknowledgement of my prompt response, thanking me for my business and confirming that they would be happy to act in the same capacity again. They will!