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28-01-2009, 20:05 PM
I'm renting a room from a girl who's signed a lease with landlord. I didn't signed any lease agreement nor with her nor landlord- i just paid 150 quids refundable deposit. Now i want to move out as the situation is ridiculous - i'm paying 235 quids + about 100 gas and electricity ( we're living in 3 in this flat) and the temperature in my room/bathroom and kitchen is around 10 degrees. Am i oblige to give her a month notice or just leave the property and left deposit for her?
I'm living there from sept 2008. many thanks for replies

28-01-2009, 20:28 PM
1. It wasn't too wise to pay the girl (X) without knowing what your status would be- and with nothing in writing!
2. I assume that L let the flat to X who sub-let to you.
3. Does X still occupy? If so, she is probably an Assured Shorthold Tenant but you aren't. From your point of view, X is a resident landlord. That takes your situation outside the Housing Act 1988.
4. Did X obtain consent from L for the sub-letting to you? If not, she is in breach of her Tenancy Agreement with L.
5. If X occupies, anyway, you have no security of tenure AT ALL. Sorry!
6. But, equally, you can leave at the drop of a hat. Absence of rules works both ways!

28-01-2009, 20:42 PM
Thanks for quick reply.

Yes L let the flat to X, she is still occupying the flat ( we are all students).
I just want to move out as soon as possible without any consequences ( as being taken into a court, or paying next month rent) i dont even want deposit i just want to live somewhere else where's normal "home temperature" around 19 degrees ;)
we didnt signed any lease but she (X) sent me some rules on my email address before - thats all.

28-01-2009, 20:44 PM
So move out of her icebox flat.

28-01-2009, 20:46 PM
thank you so much. will do this tomorrow without hesitation ;)

mind the gap
28-01-2009, 21:03 PM
thank you so much. will do this tomorrow without hesitation ;)

And if you have proof that you paid it to her, put in a small claims court claim for the £150 deposit she owes you.