View Full Version : Unprotected deposit- which form to sue L, N208 or N1?

28-01-2009, 17:27 PM
Hi all,

Please could you let me know the advantages and disadvantages of using either the N1 or the N208 to sue landlord for non protection of deposit?

Claim will ultimately be for original deposit plus 3 times original deposit

Many thanks


28-01-2009, 18:08 PM
Has your tenancy ended?

Have you not got the deposit back and this is why you want to claim?

28-01-2009, 18:43 PM
Hi Lee

Tenancy was surrendered due to extreme damp, mould and water ingress. The surrender was accepted and all attempts to recover deposit have been in vain.

further investigation has highlighted the deposit was never protected despite it being stated in the renewed AST post April 6th 2007

Any thoughts?