View Full Version : Clause to maintain gardens

28-01-2009, 13:27 PM
My Tenancy Agreement stipulates that I need to maintain the garden.

I have no problem with this but have not been provided with any equipment to do so. The maintanace is quite minor, cutting back brambles and weeding shingle however im a student and really cant afford to buy the neccessary equipment.

My previous landlord provided us with equipment to maintain the garden, i was wondering whether the landlord is required to provide the neccessary equipment to perform the maintance.


28-01-2009, 13:32 PM
No. Theres nothing which stipulates a landlord is obliged to do it, some do it because they think if they provide the equipment it makes it more likely people will do this. Its like you're required to maintain the property, yet you wouldnt expect them to provide paint and paint brushes!

28-01-2009, 13:46 PM
No requirement to provide equipment.

Suggest that you approach your landlord and ask for secateurs or some such. If they say no, use a pair of scissors or a sharp knife. Pull the weeds with your hands.