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23-01-2009, 12:47 PM
I have several properties in a block of flats that i look after for a landlord, there doesnt appear to be a communal satellite in the block and it hasnt been brought to my attention before because all the tenants moving in have either wanted sky/cable in anyway so noone would use a terrestrial dish.

Does the free-holder have to supply an aerial or not? All the cables are there leading up to the roof void but there is not aerial up there.

I was always of the school of thought that an aerial/sky dish was not a problem of the landlord unless already supplied by said landlord/mentioned in property particulars/on the inventory as a working item.

Any thoughts anyone?

mind the gap
23-01-2009, 15:09 PM
Any thoughts anyone?

I think there's hardly anything worth watching on TV these days and that Sky in particular is mind-numbingly, desperately bad.

Which hasn't answered your question, Sorrel - but at least I've bumped it back up to the top so some brainy, arielly-minded person might spot it.:)

23-01-2009, 15:29 PM
There is no implied obligation to supply an aeriel - the obligation must be express.

23-01-2009, 16:40 PM
Yeh i came to that conclusion myself, doesn't help when the freeholders as bent as a nine bob note and the managing agents don't even know there involved. Ach well, wouldn't expect anything less, I'd be disappointed if it was easy!