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22-01-2009, 21:56 PM
Hi all, a tale of caution.
We evicted our tenant with a great deal of trouble and expense. She basically owes alot of people alot of money, including £5000.00 in rent to us, (she didn't pass her HB onto us and claimed she was employed when we rented the property to her).
We paid for a credit check to be done for her and it came back ok....we don't know how as she left lots of letters behind that confirmed she was in debt to credits cards, loans and previous utility companies from previous addresses. Also we found out that she was on sick leave from her company and not being paid anything, claiming incapacity benefit and housing benefit.
Her and her boyfriend (who wasn't supposed to be there) caused a great deal of trouble to the neighbours including threatening an elderly lady!
She also stole all of the kitchen equipment in the flat including bar stools, all cutlery and plates, microwave....the list is endless.
Since her eviction we have been threatend by the boyfriend to the point now that we had to get the police involved, so imagine our utter dismay that we found out that the council have rehoused her through another private landlord that is just across the road from our flat!!

22-01-2009, 22:41 PM
They are known as "savvy tenants"

mind the gap
22-01-2009, 22:48 PM
They are known as "savvy tenants"

Or, more commonly, as thieves.

23-01-2009, 18:28 PM
send us the address and we'll send the boys round who will teach 'em a lesson about behaviour.

24-01-2009, 20:18 PM
If you had served a s.8 for rental arrears the council would have deemed them to have made thamselves homeless and they would not get any LHA to be rehoused.

What i would do now is inform the council of the rental arrears, do a money claim online for the rental arrears and show them who is boss. Go down the CCJ route as well. Try and get hold of the new landlord to inform him.

Impartial Advice
24-01-2009, 20:24 PM
If you had served a s.8 for rental arrears the council would have deemed them to have made thamselves homeless and they would not get any LHA to be rehoused.

Not true....

Think your getting little mixed up. If someone looses their property for avoidable rent arrears then the Local Authority is unlikely to have a duty to rehouse them permanently (intentional homelessness). LHA has is not linked to rent arrears or how the last property was lost.

As for informing the council it is unlikely to have any effect as the decision to re-house already appears to have been made.

24-01-2009, 23:36 PM
LAs are getting much tougher these days with tenants who are paid HB or LHA and then fail to pay the rent.

LAs need to foster good relations with the private sector and now won't usually foist a known poor tenant onto decent landlords for obvious reasons.

25-01-2009, 20:32 PM
We had a chap from the council turn up the day the bailiff served the eviction notice, so believe me they are fully aware of what has gone on but state that they have to help her!. We have served her with a CCJ but like I said before the boyfriend is not a very nice person and has already been threatening towards us and as our contact details were on the original agreement they know where we live.
This situation just makes my blood boil.....how can people get away with this type of behaviour and keep being helped with our tax paying money.:mad:

08-02-2009, 20:44 PM
Now we are being chased for council tax, as we kept the bed base and a sofa in the property the council say that we have to pay council tax since the tenant was evicted. These were the only things she didn't bloody well steal! We have explained that it was uninhabitable as the tennant left the place in such a mess, repainted walls black, left a cat ther during the day without a littler tray (you can imagine the state of the carpets!) and wallpaper falling off the walls aswell as a disgusting bathroom and toilet. We needed time to fix this before getting another tenant.
How can she leave our place in such a mess, owe us money, owe money to all the utility companies, be rehoused just across the road by the council and the council chase us?:mad:

08-10-2012, 11:56 AM
Any old stick of furniture counts as furnished as far as council tax goes!

I had a house where the ceiling of one of the bedrooms had fallen onto the floor due to a burst pipe in the roof. The whole of the ceiling was down. The council insisted that the house was habitable as people could sleep in the other room. I asked if it was OK then, to let it in this condition. They said it was up to the tenant!

I always inform the council when a HB tenant gets in arrears. I do it in a concerned LL way. The HB dept then has a nice word with them. It usually works out OK as a small amount of arrears can be overcome but only if you act quickly.