View Full Version : Return deposit or protect?

17-01-2009, 15:34 PM

After not receiving this months rent and being told by tenants that 'cards were maxed out over xmas :rolleyes:' and that the 'money is not there at the moment but will be paid with next mnths rent' (which i highly doubt) need some advice. As a new landlord who foolishly hasn't protected his tenants deposit, going forward what would be the best course of action as obviously i may have to serve a valid sec 21 and perhaps section 8 if next mnth isnt paid-enter into a scheme now or give the deposit back to tenants or suggest to use as rent for this month..(in month 5 of 6 month AST)

17-01-2009, 15:39 PM
Put the deposit into a scheme now. You are storing up trouble if you don't.