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Michael Clayton
22-12-2008, 17:20 PM
Do you want to:-
improve profitablity?
improve your offering to your potential tenants, by adding significant value?
generate more conversions?
make it easier for your tenants to pay their rent?

Benefits for you: -
virtually eliminate the risk and expense of evicting your tenants
ensure "win/win" scenario with continuity of rental payments
expert knowledge and advice provided with many years of council-based experience, helping tenants pay their rents
let us remove the hassle in your business, of rental non-payment

If so, speak to a qualified Housing Benefit professional: Michael Clayton
michaelclaytonassociates@live.com or telephone 07786 447858

10-01-2009, 09:33 AM
We have been aware that a good tenant of ours has been having difficulty with rent and were considering lowering rent by £10 week to help keep her at property. Was told on this forum that we needed to do new AST which would mean lots of palava and protecting original deposit etc. Today we have recieved form from local council asking for info as she is claiming housing benefit. What sort of ways do you advise to help tenants. Can we contact council about this?
Thank you