View Full Version : New house's bedroom v. cold- blame landlord or builder?

27-12-2005, 20:54 PM
Ive moved in to a house a month ago, and over the garage is bedroom 3 (0f 4) which currently isnt used. The problem has been noticed, that the bedroom is incredibly cold, too cold to use. The radiator works fine. It took me a while to figure out that the coldness is probably due to being over the top of the garage. One suggestion ive had is to replace the underlay with insulated stuff. Should i approach the landlord about this? Would this kind of thing be covered as its a new house, should i just go straight to Barratt? He doesnt really want to know about any problems you see, and i love the house, and dont want him to go and sell it because its too much hassle. Now ive got guttering which has come away (his answer contact Barratt - he doesnt know the phone number), heating is on 'on' permantly, cant be turned off (call heating company) and the guy who lived here previously got a parking ticket, which has gone unpaid, and my (3 year old) son ripped open a letter, which revealed that if the fine is not paid with in 7 days, bailiffs will be in touch (his answer was well the guys a copper, dont worry about it - erm, does that make him immune from parking tix or something??!!)
If i didnt want to make this my home (and have another baby - which is why i need bedroom 3 sorting out!) id be out of here fast... but its the perfect home for me!
Jenny xxx

27-12-2005, 22:04 PM
Seems a common problem with bedrooms over integral garages. When I had one, I took up the some floorboards and pushed loft insulation underneath. That certainly helped.

It must be your landlords' responsibility to sort things out.

27-12-2005, 23:01 PM
All of what you have described is the landlords responsibility, other than the letter, which he cannot do anything about. With the letter, contact the company/council/whoever and tell them he no longer lives there. With everything else, always go through your landlord, it is definitely not your responsibility to contact the builder of the house.

All that said, I am not entirely sure that the landlord would be obligated to basically make the room warmer. You took the house on as it is, and unless such a cold room would lead to actual health issues(which with the heating on I very seriously doubt), then the landlord would have no obligation to sort it AFAIK. That said, some gentle nudging may help, you can often get grants to fit new insulation etc in houses these days from the council.