View Full Version : L has still not completed repairs, 2.5 months into letting

three blind mice
27-10-2008, 10:40 AM
I am sharing a house with two friends on a AST and we are having problems with the LL.

When we all agreed to move into the house there was still work that needed to be done to the house, we moved in but we did not agree with the LL on when the work would be finished by (silly i know) that was two months ago and half of the work is still to be done, the LL kept on making excuses that his workers are ill and saying they would be round the next day.

At the end of last month we made a list of work that still needed to be done and the LL said it would only take a couple of days work to do the stuff on the list, now he has said the workers will not be round again as the work has been done (NO ITS NOT) he will not give us a reduced rent because of the ongoing work and one of my friends is wanting to leave, can anyone help?

Mars Mug
27-10-2008, 10:47 AM
Can you give us a quick rundown of what work needs doing? The types of problems may affect the answers given.

three blind mice
27-10-2008, 11:05 AM
at the start the heating was not all connected but now all but one radiators are working, one of the showers is not working properly (the water barley comes out of it), there are no extractors in the bathrooms or kitchen, two of the rooms can't be used as the LL workers have got junk in them, there is rubble and rubbish in the garden from the workers and the LL has a van parked on the front garden (i think untaxed, there is no carpet on the stairs, half the lights in the livingroom are not connected and the runner on the patio door is broken so it is hard to open the door.
The AST was for a furnished house so the LL provided a fridge but it has no shelves for it.

thats what i can remember off the top of my head.