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susan 2
18-12-2005, 14:26 PM
Noticed in Tesco's the other day, that they have a Landlords Pack containing an AST, inventory and other information. It's £9. As it's sealed I couldn't assertain just how good it was and I wondered if anyone has used it? I am often asked where to get an AST and usually say download one.But they vary.

Mr. Shed - I know you mentioned you were working in Tesco's a while ago. Have you seen inside it?

18-12-2005, 14:29 PM
Really? I only work in a small store at the minute susan, so we wouldn't stock it, but I am getting a transfer in the very immediate future(lets just say something of a "disagreement" between me and my current manager :p). If I see it, I shall certainly let you all know!

18-12-2005, 20:33 PM
Is it tesco's own pack, or is it a Lawpack version, as sold in WHSmith & others. I found the latter useful and have used the tenancy agreement and the Section 21 notice.

18-12-2005, 20:49 PM
It wouldnt surprise me if it was their own.....we will probably see Tesco Letting Agents next!!! *runs off to manager to suggest* :p

Uncle Fester
19-12-2005, 01:57 AM
Try...Residential Letting Kit from Lawpack, priced at £14.99.

19-12-2005, 14:04 PM
tenancy agreements and s21 notices can be obtained from OYEZ for £3 each.
and these are the same people that supply solicitors

susan 2
19-12-2005, 14:58 PM
velvet - Thank you so very much. OYEZ was the name I had been trying to remember for ages. I got my origingal AST from them, which I have used ever since. Only one thing and maybe Paul or some other member could bring me up to date. One of the items says " no animals are to be kept" Is this still allowed? My flats are not suitable for animals apart maybe for a budgie so I would like to keep it in.

Caroline - I will have a look next time I am in. I think it is Tescos own, but not sure.

19-12-2005, 16:37 PM
I know this one by heart now because I am always posting it!http://www.oyezformslink.co.uk


susan 2
19-12-2005, 18:32 PM
P.P. Many, many thanks for the link. I can now update.

19-12-2005, 19:12 PM
A S.21 Notice is free to download and nobody pays £3 unless they are completely useless on the internet. I think even the landlordzone gives you some of these free - see the home page.

AST's are also sourceable for free, but you have to be patient and they are usually after the fifth page or so on the search engine. They won't be on the first page but they are still there, and pretty good at that. Some so-called law stationers are still trying to flog very old versions of AST's that do not follow the unfair terms guidelines so won't be much good.

29-12-2005, 16:25 PM
this the one susan?


susan 2
29-12-2005, 17:20 PM
Mr. Shed - almost, but not quite. That is one in the series. "Residential Lettings" appears to be the one I was looking at. Although the price has risen from £9 to £14.99. There is also a book called "residential letting "by my old friend Tessa Shepperson who runs the Landlordlaw web site (which I frequently recommend as you know!) Plus they are also selling individual forms for all sorts of situations. Everything from inventories to bill changing. As you say Tesco appears to be taking over the world! Letting agency next to the pharmacy! Thanks very much for the information. I would still like to know if anyone has used the forms. Although I think I will still stick to OYEZ

Happy New Year