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17-12-2005, 17:40 PM
Hi everybody

I've recently bought a house, it came with a tenant who's not paying the full rent. So, I've given him notice and he's moving out at the end of January.

I'm registered with www.manchesterstudenthomes.com before they find a tenant for me they want to see my 'corgi gas certificate' I don't have one.

Does anyone know how I get one, or know of a Corgi gas man in Manchester that would come and do the inspection and issue one?

Do you know what I should expect to pay for this?

Hope to hear from you, thanks for reading, kind regards

17-12-2005, 17:53 PM
Phone around, you need a corgi registered gas fitter to do a gas safety check and issue the necessary certificate. Cost seems to be between £50 and £70 annually.

17-12-2005, 23:32 PM
OK Alex,

So you've been renting houses since February 2005 (probably earlier) http://www.landlordzone.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=43 and you've never heard of a gas safety cert?


18-12-2005, 09:37 AM
It's something my brother used to take care of and he's working offshore at the moment.

But many thanks for your help anyway Raggy ;-)


18-12-2005, 10:52 AM
I bought my first rental property complete with tenant. She had been living there as a tenant for five years at the time. When I viewed the property she moaned about the damp, but there was none and I couldn't smell any. The property was however heated by two gas fires, one in a bedroom and one in the living room: "Have you had your gas fires inspected recently?"
"What's that - I've never had a man come around to check them."

My then newly appointed and tamed Corgi registered engineer was soon on the job. He condemmed the bedroom fire and disconnected it as it was so old and found a huge gas leak in the living room fire. Leak fixed, fire certified and no more reports from tenant about damp!

Although they cost an arm and a leg, I never moan about having to have Corgi inspections done!


18-12-2005, 16:00 PM
look on the corgi website- you can do a search for a local registered person.

18-12-2005, 16:28 PM
Sorry Alex, will try to be more helpful in future :-)

Best way to find a Corgi man is word of mouth. If your brother has used one before then either ask your brother or look at the cert that should be in the rented property that he used to look after for you.

Since the Uni are asking for it, why not ask them if they have a recommended Corgi man?

If no luck, either use the Corgi website or yellow pages and ring around for prices.

We pay £35 for a cert or £59 for cert & service (both plus VAT)

18-12-2005, 18:21 PM
Best way to find a Corgi man is word of mouth. If your brother has used one before then either ask your brother or look at the cert that should be in the rented property that he used to look after for youAlways a good plan... in theory, all Corgis are equal but in practice the gas regs are often open to a degree of interpretation. An installation which one Corgi may say is perfectly OK another one will say is not, resulting in a failed inspection, with all the associated hassle.

Plus, as with all tradesmen, it's always good to develop a relationship; so that eg when in the future you need a test doing at short notice because you've forgotten about it, as a 'regular' you're more likely to get squeezed in that if you're a complete unknown.

21-12-2005, 20:37 PM
Well, thanks to the Corgi website I eventually got through to a Corgi chap that squeezed me into his schedule and came this evening and checked everything, certificate is issued. (£70)


He was a nice chap and I've got a great Calender program on my Apple Mac that will remind me via email 2 weeks before it is needed next year too, so I feel better about everything.

Thanks ever so much for your help everyone.

Have a lovely Xmas, kind regards
Alex - Manchester

21-12-2005, 23:24 PM
I have just been sent today a really good article about gaining access to tenanted premises where the tenant doesn't want to co-operate in letting a GORGI engineer (or anybody else!) in to carry out the test.

It's writeen by Peter Marcus in the 9 December edition of the Solicitor's Journal and when I have had time to read it I will try and post a precis on this thread, probably after Christmas.

You can of course read the article for yourself I think by going to their website.