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15-12-2005, 23:37 PM
plese help HB tenant moved out 2 mths ago owing over 4000.managing agentS were supposed to reference her as per their TOC chased them several times and they promised to forward them which they did not. found out after tenant had flitted no reference had been done as "how are you supposed to reference someone that has no job" they also did no inventory or inspections.they tried thier best to not forward rent paying odd amounts at different times.4 mths into tenancy felt had no choice but to ask council to suspend payment to them and apply to have rent paid direct to me.tenant chose not to get involved but complained bitterly about their mismanagement.Eerily a few days later the drains blocked up tenant denied all responsibility although tenancy agreement says otherwise we wanted to investigate but put the phone down on us.Agents told us few days later that problem sorted but tenant angry and talking about moving out.appied to the council to have rent paid to us again when she was 8 weeks in arrears but just at the right time she left so we didnt get a penny more.Agents say they have no responsibility as when i applied to have rent paid to me they stopped managing agin told me this after she had gone although TOCstate 3 mths notice on either side to top it all they charged me all up front instead of pro rata again as per Toc so owe me at least 500 Help please

15-12-2005, 23:39 PM
Very disjointed, and no apparent question! I assume you are asking whether you have a basis for a claim against the agent....yes you do if they have not followed their own T&Cs. Take to small claims court.

15-12-2005, 23:47 PM
I know my post is very disjointed, its late is my excuse.Can i claim for the total rent due to me from agents as I have been advised there is little chance of recovering it from a HB tenant

16-12-2005, 08:37 AM
I doubt it. You can sue to have all of the agents fees and associated costs returned as well as claiming compensation for negligence on the part of the agent.

Perhaps it is worth your while taking action on all the rent and agent costs and seeing how much you are awarded.

Remember it is the tenants responsibility for payment of rent.

11-07-2006, 10:32 AM
this is probably outside the realms of this forum but I'll give it a go anyway.I took the managing agent to the small claims court and was awarded 1100(inc costs) I should have got more but judge was very impatient mostly because of the confusion the agents were trying to cause and called a halt after three hours.They haven't paid and I was wondering if anyone knows the best way to enforce the order bearing in mind they are a limited company.I looked up their accounts on companies house website and previous years they have made a loss and this years accounts are five months overdue . I have the directors address if this is any help to me.