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Dirty Stop Out
14-12-2005, 13:00 PM
I've just been having a read about getting rid of tenants that still have a current AST. Apparently you can only do this if they are in breach of any part of their AST agreement, such as not paying rent or being constantly late with their payments. It also says that I must issue the tenant with a Notice of Intention, saying that I intend to have them evicted, however I can only find forms that are for the tenant and none (that I can find) for the LL. Does anyone know where I might find one to download?
Thanks for any help

15-12-2005, 10:25 AM
I presume you mean you wish to issue a section 8 notice which is a notice to the tenant that you are seeking possession under what ever ground(s) you are relying on. If so you can get one on the RLA website, you can join free for 7 days. The address is http://www.rla.org.uk