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13-12-2005, 22:55 PM
Bit of a tricky one. I moved into my new home on 1st nov, paid months rent in advance plus bond. When i took the tennancy on, he asked me could we set up a standing order, which was perfect for me. I agreed, but he since changed his mind, and now wants to collect cash. Now, i will put up with this, but personally do not want my landlord at my door every month, im a busy woman!
The problem has now arose, he isnt that bothered when he collects his money! 1st december, he is coming arround 'in the evening'?! I rush home at 4pm as he wont give me a time, very vauge on the phone etc. Sit there til 7pm, when im desperate to go out for some food shopping. So i called him 'oh im too busy, ill come up in the week'. Fine, says i through gritted teeth. The next week comes, and i text him, and say im free wednesday or saturday. He says he will come over saturday. So again, i rush home from work, infact i refuse work in order to be at home. Again, he gives no time, can not pin him down to a time, again, he cancels after me sitting in for hours on end. He was supposed to come up last wednesday... again same story.
So 3 occasions, 3 no shows, never gives me a time, im not a mind reader. I have a life, a very busy life, i also want to know what time he is coming so im not cooking/bathing son/putting son to bed etc when he arrives. Is it too much to ask? It is now the 13th, and apparantly he is coming tomorrow. Im fed up of this now, and want to make sure it doesnt happen again. However i do not want to fall out with the landlord about it, as i love the house, i want to stay here until one day i can buy it. Ive spent thousands of pounds on this house in the short month ive been here, and the thought of the tennancy not being renewed in 6 months makes me want to cry.
This guy owns the exact same propery 5 doors down from me, however that house is managed by a letting agent, and he is managing mine. However he hasnt really got a clue to be honnest! I think i know more about renting and the laws surrounding it than he does. Or at least that is the impression he gives me. He is a nice guy, but i feel being unprofessional out of ignorance.
Any advice? Please!

13-12-2005, 23:33 PM
Post him a cheque once a month!

13-12-2005, 23:39 PM
He wants cash????????????

That is basically illegal. Two words are needed here.



13-12-2005, 23:43 PM
The story gets even worse!

You've spent thousands on this place in a month? Em, sorry I don't mean to sound patronising but you don't spend thousands on doing up a place you do not own! It will just allow his home to go up in value and you'll never see the money again.

Again, this is not supposed to sound patronising but from your post I feel you may need help from a parent/guardian with this matter?

13-12-2005, 23:44 PM
Whether Mr. Brown gets his money or not is not your business, what is your business is whether you are chucked out for not paying your rent! You MUST obtain a receipt from the landlord if you are paying cash!

If he cannot organise himself to gain the dubious advantage of not paying Mr. Brown (if he can get away with it) why should you be inconvenienced in the way you describe. As Energise suggests, post him a cheque once a month. His address should be on your lease.


13-12-2005, 23:48 PM
Pilcher - actually it is very much her business. Paying cash means a woman carrying around a large amount of money etc on a regular basis. oh....I can't be bothered.....to explain anymore! it's obvious why you don not pay cash.

14-12-2005, 00:06 AM
Hi Sarah, ive spent money on full redecoration, carpeting, furniture for this house etc etc. Plus moving costs etc. I was prepared to pay it because i know this may sound unreal, but i want this place to be my home, not just somewhere i live. :) The house didnt need anything doing. I chose to do it for me, at the end of the day doesnt everyone want a home that they look forward to coming home to? I lived in a council house 4 years previous to this, and dreaded coming home, as quite simply i hated the house, and it took me 4 long hard years to get out of there, so spending money on a house to enjoy is well worth it for my emotional and psychological needs!!

Do you think he is dodging the tax man? I suppose he could be... I got a reciept for my deposit, however i had to ask him, and it was just a handwritten thing... He seemed quite willing to have a standing order at first, and i thought he may of changed his mind because everytime i offer to give him a cheque, he says he wants to come up, ie: to inspect the house (which part of me wants to let him see it, as ive worked hard on it! but part of me wants to tell him to bog off and leave me alone!)
Also Sarah, i am self reliant, and havent lived with my parents for 4.5 years now! So i wouldnt have the need to go to them, id get more constructive advice here or citizens advice or somewhere similar.
End of the day i do not want to loose this house, at least for 5 years or so minimum! Im planning on having another child currently, so dont want to find myself 6 months pregnant, and homeless! I need a way of tactfully resolving the situation.

14-12-2005, 00:07 AM
Sarah two points:

- First of all your first post, despite you insisting the contrary, sounded EXTREMELY patronising, and somewhat unfair. And apart from anything else how many parents are in fact rental law experts??

- I agree with Pilcher, as long as a tenant is happy to pay cash, and a landlord happy to receive it, then there is no reason not to do so, as long as the tenant receives receipts!

That said, you do have a point. I hope when you say you've spent thousands, you mean on furniture and such, not decorating or other such items!

14-12-2005, 14:02 PM
The LL would be well advised to issue receipts for his own sake let alone the tenant sensibly looking out for themselves. How on earth he would be able to prove rent arrears I do not know.

I'm not suggesting by the way, that this tenant would build arrears. As I understand it, normally it is the tenant who must prove that they have paid their rent in the event of any action laid by a LL to recover arrears. However, if the LL is not issuing receipts who would a court believe?

An LL can write any figures he likes in a ledger, but a court would expect to have an audit trail to follow. Clearly not possible when the rent is paid in cash.

If the AST stipulates a payment by method ie., bank standing order, and the LL is collecting other than in the manner specified, and on any date that he feels like collecting, would this not constitute a breach of contract?

I would not suggest for a moment that this LL is evading the IR system, there could be any number of reasons why he elects to accept cash.

This method of rent collection is not satisfactory for the tenant. Perhaps you could ask for a rent book, and suggest that if he is not able to collect on a prescribed day and date, that you will post a cheque.

14-12-2005, 16:49 PM
Hi Jenny,
I am not an expert on these matters but i read your post and i do know what you mean by wanting to come home to a home rather than just a house , but i hope you are saving more toward aquireing a real property of your own than you are spending on someone else property. I would like to also advise you to read the rental contract carefully and discuss and late charges that might arise from your landlord not showing up to collect the rent with said LL you dont want to get caught out by trying to be too nice ammend the contract if needed so you dont become liable for things not within your control the contract is an agreement between you and the landlord so make sure you are satisfied with it in all areas and you are covered. Remember, if what you want is in the contract you have a much better chance of getting it, just as the landlord get his rent in cash (the way he wants it) and this can be done over tea.

all the best,


14-12-2005, 18:13 PM
Im sat here, waiting. He said he would be here before 6, so i said, what between 5 and 6, and he said yes, but he is not here. And has not replied to my message......
Holding out little hope....
I want my tea lol!! but i dont want to start it, as i need to stay in the kitchen and cant be disturbed while cooking...so have to wait til he has answered either way. Im on nights as well tonight, so got up early to wait for him :mad: .

14-12-2005, 18:46 PM
Just got a response...he is stuck in work. Forgodsake! ARGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH! I do not need this hassle! I work 53 hours a week, university study on top, have a 3 year old son, and want to have some kind of life.
I have just replied that i dont like having all this cash on me all the time, and wold rather send him a postal order this month, and set up a standing order next month (cheque book ran out, bank sent cheque book to old address...)
Lets see what happens....

susan 2
14-12-2005, 19:51 PM
Give him a christmas present - Renting for Dummies! Seriously he sounds seriously disorganised. Why should you have to put up with his hopeless way of running his business. I would just point out, when you finally see him that a Standing order saves him as well as you time. Best of luck. Susan

14-12-2005, 20:01 PM
Well, he came, thank god. Finally paid!! But im just so frustrated, being messed around.
He just told me he is away form 24th til 10th jan, so obviously wont be around to collect rent til then. Why cant he just set up a flippin standing order? He wont tell me why he doesnt want to do it. Arghhhhhhh!
He was impressed with the house at least! He said id done an excellent job, and he was particually impressed with my kitchen floor, which i did myself lol!
Like i say, he is a nice guy, only young, friendly, but a bit clueless! I suppose he will muddle through, and i dont anticipate any problems arising, but it does worry me if i ever did need something from him.......

14-12-2005, 20:11 PM
Did you get your receipt?


14-12-2005, 23:20 PM
Why cant he just set up a flippin standing order? He wont tell me why he doesnt want to do it.He's obviously fiddling the IR, as has been postulated, and/or his mortage lender who don't know he's letting the place out. I don't believe for a second that there's a legitimate reason for it, so don't feel bad about pushing for the standing order option.

14-12-2005, 23:26 PM
Sorry for being stupid here but.....what difference would standing order make to these points? The mortgage lender certainly wont be checking his bank account, and neither would the IR, unless they had reason to investigate him.

15-12-2005, 08:46 AM
Sorry for being stupid here but.....what difference would standing order make to these points? The mortgage lender certainly wont be checking his bank account, and neither would the IR, unless they had reason to investigate him.The same would apply for anybody else who trades in cash to avoid the IR. It simply means there's no audit trail, no proof that any transaction ever took place; ie as risk-free as it can be for anybody who decides not to declare income. I would think most people wouldn't risk the wrath of the IR by failing to declare income which would stand out like a beacon from a cursory look at a bank statement.

It's probably less of an issue for someone who hasn't told their mortgage lender they are letting a house, I agree.

15-12-2005, 08:51 AM
Ah ok so its more to be able to deny it if they ARE investigated, rather than to prevent being investigated in the first place. Suppose I should have realised that to start with lol :p