View Full Version : tenants moved out,can i come in and chage the locks??

12-12-2005, 18:52 PM
My tenants gave me a verbal notice on the 15th of November, of a month notice.
After few days they moved up to their new house and didn’t even let me show the house for any potentials tenants because they left a lot of rubes and some other personal things , since then they don’t answer my calls as well because they know the owe me money for rent and damage ,
I just want to make sure I’m doing everything right and they won’t have any reason or any excuses to take me to court or to try to “get a way “.
An agency found me these tenants and prepare the contract (AST), in it under “other tenant responsibilities “
It’s Saying: “that where the property is left unoccupied, without prior notice in writing to the landlord, for a prolonged period, the tenant has failed to pay rent for that period, has shown no intention to return, the tenant is deemed to have surrendered the tenancy. This means that the landlord may take over the property and re-let it.”

And in the last paragraph of the contract it’s say : “subject to the condition that a landlord must obtain a court order for possession of the property before re-entering the premises;
If the tenant does not:
“Comply with the obligations set out in the agreement.
Then the landlord may re-enter the property and end the tenancy.
This right must be exercised in the correct way through the courts and only the court can order the tenant to give up of the property”
If they moved out already it can’t be possession of the property if I’m to go into my house and change the locks, right? So can I assume I don’t need to serve any notice before I’m entering?
so Can I use my spare keys to enter and clear it up or do I need to send a letter (is it just a first class letter ? What to do I need to say, do I need to give them any time in the letter to contact me ? How long do I need wait for response which probably will never happen?
Thanks so much for everybody for their time!!

12-12-2005, 19:33 PM
With regards the term in your AST, it seems weak to me. "A prolonged period" is a how long is a piece of string comment, it is very dodgy ground to use that as your basis.

12-12-2005, 19:58 PM
so how long do i need to wait until i can come in?
we sing on a six months contract from 17-11-04 until17-05-04 and then a new contract for another six months until 17-11-05(the same except £15 more rent ),does it now a “monthly” base and I only need to wait a month?
do they still have their rights living in my propety? they moved to the house they just bought!
what are my rights now as the landlord?
do i need to contact someone professional ?