View Full Version : Money order - what next?

26-11-2005, 19:34 PM
We obtained a possession order for our property but whilst we were at court the tenant disappeared and left the keys in our letterbox! The possession order has arrived in the post and says to the tenant "if you do not pay the money owed when it is due and the claimant takes steps to enforce payment the order will be registered in the Register of County Court Judgements". We want this to happen so what do we have to do next? We dont know where he is but we believe he has a bank account. We don't think he is far away. Can we sell the debt? I would really appreciate any advice about what to do next. Many thanks.

26-11-2005, 21:27 PM
Search for my posts by my name (i.e. davidjohnbutton) - I have posted a plethora of information on enforcement of debts and the pitfalls thereof.

27-11-2005, 09:45 AM
Will do, thank you very much.