View Full Version : Who's resposible? me or the landlord?

26-11-2005, 13:58 PM
To cut along story short, we had to sell our house, due to mortgage arrears, the company that bought it of us let us rent it back from them, there are a lot of repairs that need doing, ie; new windows, heating to be put in, new doors, etc, they said that within 3 weeks of completion they would have the landlord himself come round and see what needs doing, i have never set eyes on him before or since!
I have waited for 4 months for my shower to be fixed, and the toilet cistern needs screwing into the wall, which i explained to the workman when he came round on thursday to do the shower, he told me he wasn't touching it, and started mumbling about a "public liability" insurance which he has got, and he doesn't want anyone making a claim against him!??very confusing statement to make, then he told me that it was my responsibility to shift the rubbish he had made, ie; the old shower tray, bits of materials he'd used for the shower, and the old toilet seat that he replaced, as the fitting one one side of the old one was loose.He said i had to remove the rubbish, as he would get charged if he did it, i told him so would i, but he said with me being the house holder, it was upto me to shift it! Anyone out there help me?
I don't want to ring the office up, as the last time i "said what i thought" i was threatened with eviction! thanks, Jinny. :confused:

26-11-2005, 16:07 PM
Strictly speaking, your landlord is responsible for clearing away the rubbish he has created by doing the repairs - however, if you want to remain on good terms with him, why not as a gesture of goodwill and seeing that the rubbish is not a great amount, either put a bit in your bin each week, or if its worth it, get your local council to do a special collection which most do free of charge for bulky items?