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17-11-2005, 11:02 AM
Editor or administrator of the site, would it be possible somehow to have "Sticky" posts on here? Would prevent the repeated questions time and again.

Oh and while I'm on with forum suggestions, would it be possible to have a moderator or two of some kind? Just in case we do get "trolls" and stupid posts - miraculously not very often on here, but it does happen.

I know both of these have been mentioned before, but thought it might grab new attention as a new thread :)

*EDIT* sticky posts would obviously depend on the forum software being used, so if not stickys then could we perhaps have a seperate section of the forum for "FAQ"s ?

susan 2
17-11-2005, 19:14 PM
Mr.Shed - forgive my usual ingnorance, what's a sticky post? I do agree that FAQ would be a very good idea.

17-11-2005, 19:19 PM
No problem susan - a "Sticky" thread is a thread/topic which always stays at the top of the list of threads, regardless of its age. Hence people tend to look at them first when first visiting a forum.

susan 2
17-11-2005, 20:26 PM
Thankyou - Therefore - How do I evict my tenant- Serving S21's etc, etc. What a very good idea. If we ever start them may I nominate in Tax questions - What can I claim against tax with my buy to let! It would certainly save a great deal of members time, answering the same questions over and over again. Although perhaps FAQ might be even better. Wonder what other forum members think. Susan

18-11-2005, 00:37 AM
Much of the information which is appropriate to the "stickys" is already published on the landlord zone main site http://www.landlordhelp.co.uk. Trouble is that some of it is a bit difficult to find, hence most enquirers drop straight in here and as it is easier to post than use a search engine, the same question gets answered over and over again!


19-11-2005, 10:04 AM
Mr Shed and others, many thanks for your comments.
I appreciate what you are saying and I'm aware of the problems.
Sticky posts, I think, would not be the best solution as they clutter up part of the forum reducing usable space.
Plans are afoot to improve access to standard (FAQ) questions and also to make access (searching the main site) easier.
With regard to moderation, we do keep a close watch on this at the moment and I feel the resources we have for this are currently adequate, although in time we may well ask for more help.
Many thanks for all your efforts on this forum - much appreciated by me and I'm sure by our members and visitors.

19-11-2005, 10:11 AM
No problem Editor. I realise the problems with sticky posts, and having of course realised about the FAQ on the main page, due to Pilcher, I think that the current method is still the way to go. My only slight suggestion now with regards to this, is perhaps a user submitted FAQ, where as new questions come up on the forum, a user can submit them to the FAQ where they are checked and added if useful. Combine this with one single sticky thread, a "read before posting" type thing with a link to the FAQ, and I think this would be a better solution. Of course this is only a suggestion, I think the forums are fine as they are, just possibly make them even better :)

19-11-2005, 15:31 PM
Combine this with one single sticky thread, a "read before posting" type thing with a link to the FAQ, and I think this would be a better solution.

This is the ideal way - many forums have a single sticky - moderated by the Editors or Admins that has a series of links to the FAQ and in this case the specific 'hot' articles (like the one on heating certificates). Any posts in the thread are kept to only ones about what should be added to the sticky or FAQ and once dealt with by an Admin are then deleted.

This site is turning out to be very useful to me and I'd hate for otehr people to move on without finding the info they needed.