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15-11-2005, 13:53 PM
Here is a question on the RLA forum... I think it is highly dodgy but thought it may be an interesting debate on here!

Posted by Wayne Heger on 14th November 2005:I have a tenant whose tenancy expired on 12.11.05 - 2 weeks ago she went to the neighbourhhod office who advised her to stay put and told me the courts will have to evict her. I have since told her I will go to the courts and appealed to her better nature to move out; she says she will move most of her stuff out(the living room is still rammed with her possessions. She has "agreed" with me that I should still go through the eviction process so the council will re house her. The new tenant moved in 13.11.05. She has signed a exit form and says the remaining furniture etc will be out within the month ( a right mess i know!) So should I
a) go through the courts to formally evict her
b) give her a deadline to get the furniture out of my property and renage on our "deal".

This follows this query:

Advice On Awkard Tenant Hi
I currently have a tenant on a shorthold tenancy, she is due to leave this Saturday as its the end of her tenancy and she had told me she didnt want to stay on, then last week i get a call off the local council saying that she is now unemployed and has no where else to go so they have advised her to stay put and i will have to take any legal action to get her out! so basically after sitting down and having a chat with her she has agreed to leave after all on Sat of her own accord. She says she will just tell the council she was evicted and basically wants us to go along with this as she is after a council property. Should i get her to sign any kind of exit form on sat or something similar that basically states she has left of her own accord? Im not sure what the council can say as they say i didnt give her 2 months notice, but they have only advised her to stay put. Any help on this matter would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


Posted by Wayne Heger on 09th November 2005:

Could anyone tell me how to obtain an Exit Form?
Cant seem to find any info on this site about it.

I think this is quite dodgy, he has written notification from the tenant that she is going and yet she is wanting him to formally evict her so she can get council assistance! He has even moved a new tenant in when the previous tenant still has belongings in the property!

Would like to see what other people think!

15-11-2005, 17:12 PM
If she has moved out without being forced to by court action, she will be considered to be intentionally homeless and the council will not re house her. If she is no longer in the property, where is she? Or have I missed something?

15-11-2005, 23:15 PM
As a total side question, what is the RLA forum? :D

15-11-2005, 23:27 PM
RLA is the Residential Landlords Association! There website can be found at www.rla.org

As MrShed has said this woman has made herself intentionally homeless so the council will do nothing, which is why she still wants the landlord to evict her... but how can he when she is gone already! ... as to where she is who knows!

15-11-2005, 23:40 PM
As MrShed has said...

I said nothing of the sort :eek: LIBEL! See you in court! :D

Oh and just to clarify for anyone reading this later.....thanks for the link JSA, but you missed some of it - www.rla.org.uk

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