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12-11-2005, 14:51 PM
I currently have a lodger, who is a friend, hes has been with me for about 2 years, but i finally want the house to myself.
I have asked him to move out on several occasions.

The problem is, he can't afford to move anywhere, even though he doesn't pay me rent, just helps pay bills and buys household products. I don't really want to kick him out.

He wrote a letter to the council about 6 months ago, saying i needed the room he's staying in, but they cannot help him with council housing.

How can i go about approaching the council telling them he has to go, or is it my problem?, and do i have to tell him to leave.

12-11-2005, 16:02 PM
Recently a post has revelled that you may have to give notice despite him being a lodger. In your position I would give him formal notice in writing that he is out, this should be a period equal to the period of rent, i.e. a week or a month. You can then change the locks and give him opportunity to collect his stuff. He could use this notice to gain housing, but to be honest its not your problem, apart from booting out a mate, but business is business.

13-11-2005, 10:15 AM
problem is he doesn't reallt pay me me rent. is there something i can do with the council to help speed up his process, with obtaing council accommodation, otherwise i could end up jeapordising my friendship.

13-11-2005, 10:22 AM
If you give him notice to leave then this is making him unintentionally homeless, which automatically means that he is boosted higher up the council waiting list. How do you mean he is not really paying rent?

13-11-2005, 11:22 AM
he doesn't give me a weekly rent, i ask him for money for bills, and he buys products around the house (toilet rolls, washing up liquid etc.)

13-11-2005, 11:23 AM
Has he never given you weekly rent? If he has never given you rent, then I would say he isn't even a lodger, he is a guest, and as such can chuck him out at any time. However, even so I would suggest that you write him a letter of notice, giving 2 weeks or so. Then he can show this to the council as proof that he will be unintentionally homeless. However, you must follow this up with action if he does not leave by this time.