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09-11-2005, 20:08 PM
Took an AST for six months on this property back at the end of September. When we moved in, two of the three toilets didn't function, neither shower worked and numerous other faults were found. It took the landlord almost three weeks to sort toilets and one shower - the remaining shower was fixed by my husband last week when the first shower again went down. We have a dishwasher missing parts which does not work, a tumble dryer vent which seems to be blocked, but which LL seems uninclined to sort, a conservatory which is leaking like a drain everytime we get rain, basins not connected to walls, etc etc.

We paid last months rent on time (2nd month in advance) but during a phone call with the LL reporting the dishwasher problem, he suggested that perhaps it would be better all round if he refunded our rent and deposit and we found somewhere else. I more or less agreed with him, and he then arranged for the handyman to come and do some of the outstanding jobs! However, we have now found somewhere much more suitable. I am tempted to call him and say that we have now found somewhere else and is he prepared to stand by what he said or not. Frankly I am not worried about the rent we have paid - after all we HAVE lived here for that time - but I desparately want to get out of this property as it is giving me serious depression.

How would other landlords view this course? As I say, I am not out to get any money back (apart from the deposit) but I do feel that the LL has not kept to his side of the agreement by not having work done when required.

09-11-2005, 21:37 PM

You have a contract to stay until the end of the AST at which time you can leave without giving notice. You may leave at any time before then but you must pay rent until the LL finds replacement tenants and he must take steps to do so. Any faulty equipment, the LL has a obligation to maintain at his expense. It is usually regarded fair for you to have these things professionally repaired at the LL expense (i.e. withhold rent) IF you have taken all reasonable steps to inform the LL of the problems and given him time to sort. You husband should NOT repair these things as he may be laible for any damage caused, a professional workman should have insurance.


There is no point in living somewhere where you feel unconfortable or stressed, I would take him up on his offer, but get a statement that you have come to an agreement to end the tenancy. DONT feel pressured to leave if you dont want, this could be regarded as harrassment on his part by not fixing these issues and therefore forcing you to leave!

09-11-2005, 21:54 PM
Thanks so much for that. Fortunately hubby is a qualified electrician so the shower problem was easily sorted by him. He wanted to send the LL an invoice for the work - seems the odd job bod hadn't got a clue. He actually managed to ask me whether there was a combi boiler in the house whilst he was stood next to the airing cupboard with the tank glaring at him and also managed to flood the hall when he removed the actual shower! Not exactly inspiring.

Honestly, I feel mightily teed off with this - its our first experience of renting (hopefully our last) but we didn't think to check things like showers, toilets etc etc - just naturally assumed that they would work correctly. We are probably the fools for not doing so. Certainly won't be buying a new house without checking everything!!

Will take the route you suggest - thanks again.

Ooooh and just remembered - there is an outstanding gas bill on the property which he doesn't seem to want to pay. Could this be his way of forcing us out?? By getting the gas supply removed? Sorry to sound so green - we really are innocents abroad here!

10-11-2005, 02:47 AM
Dazalock is basically entirely correct on what he says. Just my tuppence worth on the situation:

- What the LL says and what is provable is very very different! When asking the LL if he will stick to his offer, you MUST ask him for proof of this in writing! Otherwise it would be very difficult for you to prove this, and as such you may become responsible for the rent of the rest of the fixed period of the AST!

- With regards the bill, as far as I am aware and have been told, utility companies no longer "disconnect" supplies. They merely persue legal action via the usual means(ie small claims). If your name is not on any of the bills, then you have nothing to worry about.