View Full Version : First time buyer, need advice on what to do with £150k

28-10-2005, 15:27 PM
I am a first time buyer and have £150,000 cash.

I currently rent and now have to move out within 1-2 months.

I am interested in buying a property but not sure how much I should commit, as I want to buy another property - 1 in the north and 1 in the south of england.

The property I am interested in is £175,000 and will need it to store all my stuff.

What type of mortgage should I get ? Offset ? normal repayment ? etc.

How much of a depsoit should I put down ?


28-10-2005, 15:34 PM
With such a large financial investment at risk, I would definately consult a good IFA.

If your in the south, I always use Ideal Mortgage and Finance, speak to Dave, on 01202 434434.

(Im not affiliated to them BTW, they have just been good to me)